PMMA Temporaries

We produce our PMMA temporaries from the same STL files used to fabricate your patient’s final crown, providing patients an affordable provisional that mimics the occlusion and fit of the permanent crown.


Indicated for provisional splinted crowns and full-arch bridges. Cast-metal substructure is indicated when pontic span is greater than 3-units. Other indications include immediate smile makeovers, restoring lost vertical dimension, contoured healing for ovate pontics or anterior extractions, or in conjuction with perio treatment. Provisional crowns and bridges last up to six months. For a longer time frame, Transitional Crowns & Bridges would be indicated.


No preparation is needed for provisionals. However, existing preparation of any type can be used.

Tech Notes

Can be fabricated with pre-operative or prepared models. All shade guides are compatible and we can stain provisionals to match.

Reinforcement Options

  • Wire reinforcement
  • Kevlar/Fiber Reinforcement
  • Cast Metal (non-precious) Substructure/Framework
  • Cold-cured methyl methacrylate
  • Jet Acrylic
  • Cold Pac by Motloid
  • Palavit 55 by Kulzer

You should avoid any composites and ethyl methacrylates like Trim or Snap. Those materials only have a semi-chemical bond to the provisionals material.

When repairing broken provisionals chairside, only methyl methacrylate should be used. The customer should remove the glaze by roughing up the surface with a coarse bur. Then apply cold cured methyl methacrylate to the surface.

Reglazing Instructions

  • Roughen temps with pumice.
  • Rinse and dry with air.
  • Apply a thin layer of palaseal going in one direction.
  • Bench dry for 20 seconds (air dry).
  • Polymerize for 90 seconds with hand held curing unit (a light box works best, but hand held light can be used with 2 cycles of 90 seconds on each surface).


  • D2932 Prefabricated Resin Crown

  • D2970 Temporary Crown