Case Turnaround Times

Please allow the full turnaround time required for each restoration.

Combination cases will require additional time.

 does not include weekends, holidays or time in transit.

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Porcelain Fused To Metal 5 Days
Full Metal Crown 5 Days
Emax 5 Days
Zirconia (Full Porcelain Coverage) 5 Days
Aimzir Solid Zirconia 5 Days
Veneers 5 Days
Temporaries 5 Days
Soft Tissue Models 2 Days 
Prep Stock Abutment 2 Days
Custom or Prep Abutments 8 Days
Screw Retained Crowns 8 Days
Implant Overdenture Bar 10 Days
Frames 7 Days
Frame With Teeth Try-In 10 Days
Partial To Completion 10 Days
Occlusal Rims 3 Days
Custom Trays 3 Days
Set-Up For Try-In 5 Days
Process And Finish 5 Days
Valplast Set-Up Teeth For Try-In 5 Days
Valplast Start To Completion 10 Days
Hard Nightguard 7 Days
Soft Nightguard 3 Days
Hard & Soft Nightguard 8 Days
Bleaching Trays 3 Days