Sleep Appliances

Our hard, soft and hard/soft nightguards provide the perfect measure of protection and comfort to suit any need. Fabricated by our CAD/CAM technicians for an ideal fit, they adjust in hot tap water. Ideal for bruxers and to protect restorations.


Nightguards are indicated for patients that show increased tooth wear due to bruxing or clenching.



Start with an accurate, void-free impression of both arches. Ensure no tears or bubbles are present in impression material for precision fit. Instruct patient to close into centric relation to verify midline position and bite. Then, place two cotton rolls behind the cuspids and instruct patient to close; with patient in open bite, inject bite registration into the posterior openings of both quadrants. In addition, inject bite registration into anterior opening to capture a complete open construction bite.


None required.



Recommended Cleaning Procedure:

Brush and floss your teeth before placing the appliance in your mouth.

DO NOT soak the appliance in mouthwash, denture cleaner or alcohol. DO NOT place in hot or boiling water or expose to excessive heat (such as direct sunlight), as this will distort the appliance.

Rinse well with water before and after use and store dry.

Clean the appliance with soap and warm water ONLY.

If it becomes loose, tight or causes you any discomfort, contact your dentist immediately.



  • D9940 Nightguard